réviser ⟢ FULL CLOSET

Réviser - verb. To overhaul or update. Virginie works with you to re-imagine your entire wardrobe through extensive consultations & discussions about your current style and what you want it to be.

Congrès ⟢ Consultation

Congrès - noun. A conference or consultation. Through virtual meetings, you and Virginie collaborate to find a new direction for your style, as well as a plan for shopping on your own in the future.

Mettre En Scène ⟢ Photos

Mettre En Scène - verb. To set the scene or to stage. Virginie has worked in staging with even famous clients like The Battery, and she can put those skills to work for your upcoming photo shoot or interview, so you show your best self.

l'entreprise ⟢ Corporate

L'Entreprise - noun. Business. Whether for a corporate event or your team photography, Virginie can perfect the day or the memory with exemplary styling and design know-how that can upgrade your public image.

La Fenêtre ⟢ Displays

La Fenêtre - n. The window. Virginie is an expert at staging storefront windows and other displays. Use her creative eye to craft the scene that you need to impress customers and potential partners.

Soirées ⟢ Events

Soirées - n. Parties, events, or evenings. Virginie can help style your wedding or events. Understanding that that such soirées can be the biggest days of our lives, Virginie can help design outfits to fit the occasion.


Atelier Prélude is Virginie's upscale fashion boutique, where you can peruse some of her high-end ensembles.